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Medicare Q&A
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Answer: If you have met the work-related eligibility requiments, you may begin enrollment into Medicare 90 days in advance of the month you turn 65.
Answer: Maybe. If the employer group has 20 eligible employees or more, and you’re going to continue to work, then yes it’s an option. But there are many things to consider.
Answer: Part “A” is typically in place, and a paid-up benefit when you turn 65. Part “B” is not, unless you have enrolled in Social Security prior to age 65. If you have not filed to receive Social Security benefits, then you need to proactively enroll in Part “B” benefits and begin paying for them.
Answer: Yes. However, you will not have prescription coverage, and you will face unlimited exposure to those costs due to the gaps in Original Medicare.
Answer: You usually can. It’s important to be sure your doctor accepts Medicare. Some don’t.
Answer: Yes, for up to 100 days, after a required three-day hospital stay.
Answer: No. But some Advantage plans offer limited dental coverage.
Answer: No, a retiree plan will typically wrap around Medicare primary benefits.
Answer: Part “D” is the Prescription Drug plan Medicare introduced in 2006.
Answer: In addition to having a huge gap in coverage, you will likely face a penalty from Medicare. A Part “B” penalty can be 10% of your Part “B” premium for each 12-month period outside of Medicare, and up to 1% of the national average of a Part “D” plan for each month absent Part “D”.
Answer: Part “C” is another name for Medicare Advantage. Also named MA, MSA, or MA-PD (when prescriptions are included).
Answer: Online at or in person at a local Social Security office.
Answer: This is a Medicare term that establishes previous coverage being at least as good as Medicare’s. Typically is in play for Part “D” to avoid penalty.

Life Insurance Q&A
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Answer: Term coverage is a preset coverage period, typically 10, 15, 20 or 30 years Whole Life coverage is a lifetime.
Answer: Whole life premiums are a set amount for the lifetime of the insured Term Life premium amount is guaranteed for the policy term selected.
Answer: Cash Values are only available on Whole Life Policies. This attribute can be utilized during the lifetime of the insured.
Answer: Flexibility only applies to Term Life Insurance. This is when your coverage needs to be adjusted with or without the coverage amount and or term length.
Answer: A persons health history and personal factors are required to get an accurate rate. Different companies have different prices.

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